Value :25 000 €
Donations :395 €
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    Land Art Association

  • Value:

    25 000.00 €


This place is reserved for those of you (individuals, groups, and corporations) who want to create their own forest project.

We want you to be our equal partner in making the world a better place. Therefore we are looking forward to forging a partnership to jointly create afforested areas matching your possibilities and ambition.

We would be grateful to hear your ideas, to learn what you have and what you need to bring your forest into existence.

We can offer you an online platform where you can present your project and anchor your fundraising efforts. Or, if you wish, we can secure the land and take care of the actual forest creation and protection on your behalf and still grant you the privilege to name the forest.

Just don’t let procrastination kill your action. Send us a message now.

Below you will find, in a question and answer format, a number of already considered ideas. This section will be regularly updated.


If we provide the necessary funds can we name the forest after our company?

YES, as long as the name is within the limits of general decency, individuals, groups, and companies have the right to pick a name for the forest they create.

We can even plant your company logo or chosen symbol (under certain conditions) as a giant forest picture.

I have the land and a plan to fundraise for its afforestation. I just need a credible platform to anchor the project, can I use yours?

YES, we are glad that you are taking the initiative. Our fees are only a fraction of those charged by Facebook, Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Feel free to contact us for further details. We strongly suggest that you check your plan with the local authorities before you launch a fundraising campaign,  as handling donations is a big responsibility.

In the above cases we will add a disclaimer to inform the project's potential contributors that it is  not managed directly by our association.

We have the land, the expertise and the permission for afforestation. Can you do the fundraising for us?

NO, we take full moral and legal responsibility for the management of the received donations. Therefore, we cannot do fundraising for third parties.

Can you provide us with regular updates about the growth of the forest we have (co)funded?

YES, with pleasure. We can provide photos and videos about the work and the state/growth of the forest. On special request (and for an extra cost) we can provide you with (semi)professional photos and videos.

Would it be possible that instead  of planting forests you set-aside agricultural areas and simply allow nature to take over? I think  this would increase the area reserved to nature.

YES, you just need to make a commitment to finance the set-aside for a minimum of 5 years. Since you spare the plantation and maintenance costs a set-aside will create double the area devoted to nature compared to a forest plantation. In 20-25 years the protected set-aside area will spontaneously become a young forest.


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