Land Art Association is a legally registered NGO under Romanian (EU) jurisdiction. Our forests are being planted in central Romania in order to benefit from the strict, legal protection, peace and stability that is guaranteed by the European Union. We have also considered other countries on other continents where land and labour to establish our forests were cheaper. But in order to have reasonable assurance that every contribution we receive will have a lasting (close to eternal) impact, we massively tipped the balance in favour of Romania.  

Why support planting forests?
Because you are not only good enough to care but also brave enough to act for a greener and better future. There is not enough space to enlist and detail all the benefits, but if you care about clean air, clean water and the human civilisation on planet Earth, you better take action to (re)plant some forests or to protect existing ones.

What trees/forests do we plant?
The tree species used for each individual project can be found in the project description. As a general rule, we try to mimic the tree composition of the local and regional forests. We use native, long-lived, broad-leaved, tree species such as Oak (Quercus) or Lime (Tilia) to create new forests growing into resilient habitats. Even our smallest plantation has at least two tree species.

We never plant invasive or alien tree species. We also have a strong preference for multipurpose trees which, besides absorbing tonnes of CO 2 and releasing tonnes of oxygen, also serve as bee pastures, food sources and nesting/hiding places for a wide range of wild animals.

Why do we call our association Land Art?
Each forest is a piece of art with a Godly touch by definition. However, we wanted to add a human twist to it. Wherever the size of the area permits it, we are going to plant giant forest pictures (Nazca line style) displayed by the use of different tree species.

What type of land is used for Land Art forests?
We use degraded, polluted, hard to access and low productivity agricultural land to plant our forests in order to avoid limiting food production on prime agricultural areas. Remember, somebody, somehow has to feed those soon-to-be 9 billion humans on Earth.


If we provide the necessary funds can we name the forest after our company?

YES, as long as the name is within the limits of general decency, individuals, groups, and companies have the right to pick a name for the forest they create.

We can even plant your company logo or chosen symbol (under certain conditions) as a giant forest picture.


Why do we allow ads?

Because of our relentless drive to plant as much forest as possible. It wasn’t an easy choice, but Google pays our association for every click on an add displayed on our website. Therefore, we regard it as an opportunity for people who do not donate their own money to contribute to the forest planting objective by making Google pay for it.

Still, we made an effort to keep the ads more discreet than usual.


I have the land and a plan to fundraise for its afforestation. I just need a credible platform to anchor the project, can I use yours?

YES, we are glad that you are taking the initiative. Our fees are only a fraction of those charged by Facebook, Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Feel free to contact us for further details. We strongly suggest that you check your plan with the local authorities before you launch a fundraising campaign,  as handling donations is a big responsibility.

In the above cases we will add a disclaimer to inform the project's potential contributors that it is  not managed directly by our association.


We have the land, the expertise and the permission for afforestation. Can you do the fundraising for us?

NO, we take full moral and legal responsibility for the management of the received donations. Therefore, we cannot do fundraising for third parties.


Can you provide us with regular updates about the growth of the forest we have (co)funded?

YES, with pleasure. We can provide photos and videos about the work and the state/growth of the forest. On special request (and for an extra cost) we can provide you with (semi)professional photos and videos.


Would it be possible that instead  of planting forests you set-aside agricultural areas and simply allow nature to take over? I think  this would increase the area reserved to nature.

YES, you just need to make a commitment to finance the set-aside for a minimum of 5 years. Since you spare the plantation and maintenance costs a set-aside will create double the area devoted to nature compared to a forest plantation. In 20-25 years the protected set-aside area will spontaneously become a young forest.