Value :10 000 €
Donations :1 015 €
  • Project Manager:

    Land Art Association

  • Value:

    10 000.00 €

  • Area:

    2000 m2


We are sure that you can make a big difference if you pull together. Our motivation is: "Be yourself the change you want to see in the world".

Every day we are put into fear and want by the manipulative mass media. Everywhere it seems to burn, every opinion leader thinks he knows better, but in the end things change only slowly to the good.  
We want to make our contribution to make the earth a better place. We are deeply convinced that every successful company can give something back if it is only a small part.
Like a picture, the world can only be changed with many small brushstrokes, instead of a big one! Big changes require many hands that take initiative.

Therefore it is our goal to let more and more capital flow where it is needed with YAVU® over the next few years. We start small. Namely with the planting of 1 m2 of forest per product sold. The bigger YAVU® becomes, the more capital we want to let flow calculated and controlled for the good in the world.

The world's oceans are suffocating in plastic. Animals and humans experience cruel things every day and we trample on Mother Nature.

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