Value :2 500 €
Donations :2 497 €
  • Project Manager:

    Land Art Association

  • Value:

    2 500.00 €

  • Area:

    2500 m2


A 21st century entrepreneur needs to pay attention to a lot of things that seem equally burning. Customer acquisition, finances, customer and employee satisfaction, the rapidly changing legal and technological scene, and so on. Everything is burning, everything seems to be important, essential and urgent.

Beyond the constraints and limitations of everyday life, in addition to profit, perhaps the point should be somewhere that, compared to yesterday, as a result of today’s actions, we have a better, fairer and more livable tomorrow.This shared belief has given birth to our collaboration with the Land Art Association.

Trees / forests and long-term businesses built to last have many things in common. And not only can a small acorn grow into a giant oak, but also that essential things cannot be postponed indefinitely or "arranged" with apparent solutions. It is not complicated: You cannot rest under the shade of a tree that was never planted planted and cared for.


That is why we have initiated the "SME Forest." The forest of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.


At the initiative of, the “Just the essential” conference series and the Restart conference are supporters of this forest. Their founder Levente Farkas has also reduced his ecological footprint by planting a few hundred trees.


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12:03:20, 15 . Jan 2022 - Székelyudvarhely

Farkas Levente (Fari) adománya - 400 euró = 800 m2 erdő