Value :1 000 €
Donations :115 €
  • Project Manager:

    Land Art Association

  • Value:

    1 000.00 €

  • Area:

    1000 m2


Change is tough, especially when it is about our careers. Even when we feel empty and know we might be happier doing something else, we are scared to change after several years of being invested in a career. We might not even know how to change. It feels like our existence is put at stake. The fears, the unknown, and the loneliness might stop us from creating our new path.


The forest of career changers was born to celebrate the ones who fought their own fears, got out of their comfort zone, and dared to go after their dreams.

It started as a “Thank you” to the ones who shared their stories with the founder of Cupofchanger.


And is open:

  • To you, dear career changer, to mark this special milestone in your life, 
  • To your family member, a friend whom you support in her/his career change process. 
  • Join us and plant trees in the Eastern Carpathian mountains of Romania, in the historical region of Transylvania. 1m2 of forest is planted to each euro donated.


Planted seeds are like taken decisions. The moment you plant a seed with time, a tree will grow. It takes time, energy, and lots of dedication, but the desired results will come to those who dare.


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09:17:53, 15 . May 2022 - Brussels

As my gratitude to the Changers, two square meters of forest are planted for each of these fantastic people who are good enough to care, brave enough to act and inspire: Chris Jackson (Tasmania/Australia), Nadia El Jed (Tunisia/Qatar/France), Hasina (Madagascar/France/Indonesia), Gábor Kozslik (Hungary), Matteo De Micheli (Italy), Dr. Angéla Ragány (Hungary), Niccolò Pravettoni (Italy), Katrien Pauwels (Belgium), Marina Augustina (Indonesia/Australia), Pierre Marcolini (Belgium), Michaelangelo Moran (Indonesia). Thank you to all of you! The trees are already growing as you read this.