Value :7 200 €
Donations :4 015 €
  • Project Manager:

    Land Art Association

  • Value:

    7 200.00 €

  • Area:

    7200 m2


At Au Guidon Vert we never do things half way. Whether you are looking for a muscle powered Brompton folding bike, an electric transport/cargo bike or an impeccable aftersales service you can count on us! 

But quality e-bikes aren't our only passion. In everything we do, we try to serve a higher purpose. We at Au Guidon Vert aren't merely selling bikes, we are making customers happy, we are making Brussels traffic more agreeable, your morning commute less stressful, the air you breathe cleaner.... But we still think we can do better than that. Therefore, We have partnered with the Land Art Association to create a small forest in central Romania by planting 10 trees after every bike sold by Au Guidon Vert

We are sure that you like the idea and we are hopeful that your donation will surpass what we can do.

 It's cool to be the greenest bike shop; it's even cooler to be the greenest cyclist. Give it a try!


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